2013 m. kovo 31 d., sekmadienis

2013 m. kovo 15 d., penktadienis

Anthony by Rasa Kaper

Labas visoms,
Užsukau aš čia , betvarkydama savo puslapį, ir supratau.....laaaabai seniai mes čia buvom. Beveik numirė mūsų blog'as apie Meškius ir jų draugus.
Tad, kad vėl prisiminti, pradedam vėl meškas rodyti? :)

Tai mano meškius Anthony. Aprašymas/ Descritpion: 
Anthony is 17 cm bear made from mohair, has got 5 joints (double for the head), glass eyes, embroidered and waxed nose, shaded with oil paint, stuffed with fiberfill and steel pallets. His hands are wired and he is designed to stand. Anthony wears a cotton vest, on the neck he has a red scarf and on the head – car driver’s helmet with goggles. He is such a kind of bear that he loves cars and speed. He takes everywhere his toy car – red FORD 1932 from Schuco (produced in 70′) and he is dreaming to have a real one in near future. Anthony only needs to grow a little bit :)